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Geoff Horsfield To Leave The Club

Posted on: Thu 03 May 2012

Saturday's game against Oxford United will be Geoff Horsfield's last with the club following his decision to move on and move his career in a different direction.

Horsfield initially joined Vale as a Player Coach, went on to be Assistant manager to Micky Adams and from the start of this season enjoyed a coaching role with the Club.

His decision to leave football altogether has been a tough one, but the former Premier League striker has business interests he now wishes to pursue.


He told the official website: "I have got a couple of business propositions I can go into at the moment and at this stage of my life I feel it is time for a change.

"I have absolutely loved my time here at Port Vale. I have got on with everybody apart from the previous manager, which is well-documented, but that happens in football and I have just got to look at the future now and look at my family.

"I have enjoyed my time here and it will be the first result I look for. I will always keep in contact with a lot of people here at the club because this is a fantastic club. It is family orientated and there are some good people who work here.

The decision to leave the club, and indeed football, hasn't come easy for Horsfield. He has been mulling it over in his mind for a while now."

He continued: "It has been a hard decision, because I get on with Micky Adams, I get on well with Mark Grew and Rob Page, who I knew from playing against. I have enjoyed working with all of the players as well, so it has not been an easy decision.

"Telling the Gaffer of my decision was one of the hardest things I have done. I have been mulling over it for the last five or six weeks and making that decision has been hard.

"I know coming out of football, I am not going to get another opportunity in it, but it's something I feel I have got to do.

"I have done a little bit of construction and a little bit of recycling of metals and things like that that I have set up and we will have to see just what happens in the future.

"I have always dabbled in things like that, because I always knew, coming into the game late at 24 I would need something to back me up because obviously football and the money in football doesn't always last.

"That's what I always tell the players - you have got to look after your money, you can't keep spending your money, you have got to try and save for the future."

Despite moving to pastures new, it won't be the last we see of Geoff at Vale Park, such is his affection for the club and the people employed here at the club.

"I have had a great time in the game, but football can be very unpredictable, as we have seen recently when we went into administration, it was difficult for everybody.

"When we went into Admin I didn't think about myself, I thought about Barbara the Laundry woman, the staff upstairs, the Media Department and the Club Shop, because I have had a fantastic career and I have earned some good money in the game, but it's not just about me and I thought of those people when we went into Adminstration.

"I have always got on with the Gaffer, and Grewy has always helped me. I get on with the office staff and everybody else here, so I will definitely be coming back for a visit."

Manager Micky Adams added: "Geoff will be missed by everyone around the club, including me, particularly as he and I are the reigning head tennis champions, so I will be actively looking for a new partner next season.

"We thank Geoff for everything he has done for Port Vale and wish him the very best of luck for the future."

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